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Seasonal Changes

Just like down here in Texas, Arizona does have two seasons, summer and winter. Summer is basically around all year round. In Arizona, it is rare for it to rain where ever you are and it only amounts to less than a foot of rainfall every year. So you have to be prepared for the heat.

So how to prepare for seasonal changes in Arizona? This goes for any weather you might expect from this state; whether it is wet, rainy or even cold. Well, for instance, you can check your home for some air leaks you may not be seeing. One of the ways you can do this is feel around your main door frame. If it is unlocked, lock it. Do you feel any cold or hot air around the doorframe? If so, you may need to get some weather stripping and put it on the inside of the door frame to stop that air leak. Next, you can do this for windows as well. If you need to, buy some caulk and make sure that air doesn’t leak in or out of the house.
There are some additional things you can do to make your house cooler, especially for the hotter months. There are some shades you can buy for the windows so that they don’t let in so much light. They are energy saving shades that may make sense. You can also get some fabric curtains or something to control the amount of light in your house, especially if you have a lot of windows and it’s sunny outside.

To prepare for the cooler months, I suggest keeping your house maintained. Get your air conditioning and heating checked. There’s nothing worse than having cooler weather than you are used to and the heat does not work very well or at all. Keep your house (if you can) at a constant temperature. It will save you money

All of these things help keep your bills down during seasonal changes. Every three or four months, you may need to make adjustments, depending on the weather you are having. It makes sense to help your home be the best that it can be. This is your home. You can make it as comfortable and as great as you want it to be. This depends of course on your budget, time, money and effort that you want to put into it.

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