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I think pest control needs a special mention here. Sure, everyone at least needs some sort of pest control, which is true. In Arizona, where it’s so hot it is practically desert, they still have a need for pest control.
Pest control is running expense, just like the pool maintenance we talked about. It depends on how you set it up, how often they need to come out. They don’t really have to worry about ants or other pests like that so much as they have to worry about scorpions.

Yes. Scorpions are nasty creatures, related somewhat to the crab because they are in the same animal family. If you get stung by a scorpion, it can be venomous, but it’s similar to what one would feel if a bee stung you. Scorpions are not deadly to humans, but to be stung by one can hurt an awful lot.
So prevention is important. You don’t really want to sleep with one eye open if you can help it. Most pest control services recommend every month so you don’t get scorpions and other pests into your house. It is worth the expense to prevent, than to have scorpions all over the house.

Pest control is something that should be done in the home every day. There are simple methods of controlling pests. Make sure and clean up after yourself. Sweep the floor so that there are no crumbs lying around for ants and other creatures to come in for food from the heat.
You want your home generally clean so no pest has a place to hide. Picking up clothing, clutter and other things makes for a happy, comfortable and pest free home. This means you do have to work at it. Cleaning when it’s so hot out can be challenging and because the dirt can be a sand type consistency, here are some tips.

Sweep every day in outside places, like the sun room or a porch to keep things clean and safe for people to walk on. This helps keep pests out and makes you feel productive as well. Use a separate broom for the outside and the inside of your house. Germs from outside can come on the inside if you use the same broom. That may not be great. If possible, maybe have people take their shoes off to minimize the dirt that is tracked in.

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