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How to Test Your New Home

Congratulations! You have a new home and are probably pretty excited. There also may be feelings of pride as you enter this new chapter in your life as a homeowner. As much as you are probably excited, you may also be asking yourself what you should do now. What is next after this? Well, you have come to the right place. I will tell you.

Keep in mind this is Arizona, where there is a dry desert like heat and challenges that might puzzle you in the short run, but be happy you are there in the long run. So first of all, you need to figure out what shape of the home is in. If you had an inspection done, then that would be where your answer is. Look through the inspection paperwork and any notes you have taken during the inspection about the roof. If you need a new roof installed, then there is your starting point. When is the best time to put a new roof on? Roof experts consider summer to be the best season for roof repair or installation.

You can find many choices for home repair/improvement either in the phone book, online, or at your local home improvement store. Once you have called a couple places, you can now get a consultation and an estimate. Of course, with a new roof will mean new gutters.

When you are looking at roofs in particular when it’s hot, you want to be sure that it will be functional as well as look good for your home. In Arizona it’s hot, so it does no good to have a black roof and have to pay an outlandishly expensive air conditioning bill. The black may be beneficial for someone in Montana, but not here in Arizona. There are specific roofs for different types of weather. So someone from Arizona that is experienced in roofing can help you. They can also help pick out gutters that can go with your roof.

You do want as many estimates as possible. Get them to compare costs and find out more about the companies they represent. Have they been in business for a long time? Are they bonded and insured? These are questions you will want the answers to when you proceed from just an estimate to a full fledged question if they will take on the job.

Whomever you choose to do the job, be sure that they are well qualified and know the time table in which it will be finished. Then enjoy as each stage of the roof is completed. Then you’ll have a new roof and new gutters to be proud of.

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